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A river walk is a public path provided free for people to use 7 days a week and is located primarily along a river or stream. Most river walks allow you to jog, ride a bike or roller blade in addition to just walking. This website will show you where all the Indiana river walk trails are and what you can do while you are in town enjoying the river walk.

Whether you are on vacation or just getting away for the day, a walk along the river settles the soul and allows your body to reinvigorate itself. Flowing water has a tranquil effect on the senses and should be enjoyed often for relaxation and exercise. River walks are becoming popular in cities across America because they also make practical use of land in the river flood plains. Since most communities were built up along rivers in the early 20th century, the local history is easily observed by walking a trail near the center of town.

Instead of staying at a hotel or eating at a restaurant on the outside of town, we suggest doing an Indiana river walk trail and explore the community from the inside. Awesome restaurants, unique shopping and quaint lodging all await the explorer who ventures down the river walk trail.


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